Canoes are designed to be load bearing, therefore the amount of weight they carry should not normally be an issue. More important is it how much those weights independently move around within the boat that causes issues, so the less movement within the boat, the more steady and relaxing your experience on the river will be.

In addition there may be safety concerns dependent on the stretch of river you are paddling, that require us to carefully consider the ages of anyone taking part. Please see age restrictions for details.

Due to this we operate a strict loading policy, that is at all times subject to the judgment of the qualified staff on duty at the time.

Canoe capacity: Most of our Canoes have two seats, however we do have some three seater canoes but there is little or no difference between them, other than third seat installed. Because for this we can sometimes use a small stool as an extra seat to keep bottoms dry from drips, but equally we may offer the boat floor seating as the most stable option for your group make up. We will advise you on the safest boat configuration upon launching.

Quarry Hire Age restrictions

We can take younger children as long as our bouyancy aids fit properly. We use the rough guiding minimum age of a large 3 year old. Please be advised it can be a tight call some times so we recommend popping by in advance and trying on for size, also making sure your young child is comfortable wearing it as well

Under 8s must be 1-to-1 with an adult
1 adult + 1 6yr old plus 1 x 12 yr  is ok
1 Adult  + 1 x 6 plus 7 year old is not ok

We have given some example seating configurations below if you are unsure please get in contact rather than risk disappointment on the day

2 seat canoes seating configurations:

Please note that this a guide, launching configurations are at the discretion of qualified staff at all times.

2 x Adults
2 x Adults + 1 x 12 yrs+ child
2 x Adults + 1 x under 12 yrs children
2 x Adults + 2 x under 8 yrs children
1 x Adult + 2 x 8 yrs+ children
1 x  Adult + 1 x under 8yr old – conditions allowing
1 x  Adult + 1 x under 8 yr old + 1 plus 8 yr old

3 Seat canoes seating configurations:

as above plus
3 x Adults
2 x Adults plus 2 children under 14

Please note all hires are subject to weather and river conditions on the day, which sometimes depends on locations and time of year. Conditions can change rapidly on the river, and your booking may have to be postponed at short notice or even on arrival, for your safety.

Additional Day Hire Age restrictions:

Pool Quay  to  Royal Oak  >  Over 12 yrs only
Royal Oak  to Montford Bridge > Over 6 yrs only
Montford Bridge to  Shrewsbury > over 6 yrs only
Shrewsbury Weir to Atcham > over 6 yrs only
Atcham to Cressage > over 6 yrs only
Cressage to Ironbridge > over 6 yrs only*
Ironbridge to Bridgnorth > over 6 yrs only*
*Any trip including Jackfields Rapids > over 12 yrs only

Fireworks Trip > over 14 yrs Only
Aqueduct Trip > Over 8 yrs only

Shrewsbury Canoe Hire Loading Policy
Updated Dec 2017