Book a 1 Hour canoe hire from the Quarry Park

Book a 1 Hour canoe hire from the Quarry Park


We are no longer operating from the Quarry Park in Shrewsbury,


But don’t worry you can find us, just upstream on the other side of the river & welsh bridge at Frankwell Quay now for a 1 hour or half-day canoe hire experience, with easier parking and the same great service


Book your One hour canoe hire online now for Frankwell Quay 



After 6 years of providing family fun canoe hire from the Quarry park, we are unable to run any canoeing from the park this year,

We can still find ourselves in a convent town center location at Frankwell Quay just the other side of the river & Welsh bridge, come find us there or ring the office to book on 01743 244 800


Shrewsbury Canoe hire gives you the opportunity to hire a canoe to explore & enjoy the River Severn around Shrewsbury & The Quarry Park

Shrewsbury Canoe Hire operates during the summer months on weekends & weekdays from Frankwell Quay Shrewsbury.

We are able to offer you a turn-up and hire a canoe service you can explore the river for an hour before returning to our pontoon and continuing with your day

You can take your canoe upstream for about 40 minutes taking you out of Shrewsbury town and into the countryside before you turn around and have a swifter 20 journey back to us or simply bimble around taking in the riverside views from a whole new angle

An ideal way to explore the river as a family, when you hire canoe children can be supplied with “Shark” fishing nets which are easier for them to use than paddles

During high session, it is advisable to book your quarry canoe hire in advance due to turn up and hire demand on the day

Safety First Canoe Hire

Shrewsbury Canoe Hire only uses experienced and qualified staff, ensuring the highest standards of safety, and your full enjoyment of this very special river experience.

Full safety equipment and safety briefs are given as part of your hire.

All hires and travel boundaries are subject to weather and river conditions on the day.

Please read our loading policy if full here

A minimum of 2 persons to a boat.
Under 18s need written parental consent.
Under 16s need an adult in the boat with them.
Under 8s must be supervised by an adult on a 1-to-1 basis all hire is subject to safety equipment fitting correctly.
All Hires are subject to the staff’s discretion on group make up as to what is the safest options for them to take part,