A Canoe Trip along the River Severn, A hidden gem of the British waterways

The Severn starts high up on the Mid Wales mountains on Plynlimon, and although you can white water kayak or canoe much further up river. The acknowledged starting point for canoes on this trip is Pool Quay near Welshpool.


There is no set itinerary to the trip how much and how you want to do it is up to you
We try to give you as much information possible in our River/Camping/safety Guides which allows you to make your own unique trip plan,

Below is an outline of what to expect rather than any set plan, 



Your Canoe Adventure begins

Your journey will start in the countless loops of the river on the Welsh English border around Welshpool.

The river’s character changes every day you will find your surroundings change frequently, so from its start point where we have a jungle type feeling.

As it slowly makes its way towards Shrewsbury, the river starts its meander south towards Ironbridge, Bridgenorth, Bewdley Worchester, and on to Gloucester, where you will aim to finish

On the day of leaving we advise and help you get loaded and like wise launched making sure your off safely on your adventure.

The river’s character will meander like it’s bends over the first day, but as you finish you will already be looking forward to what the next day will bring.

A sense of blazing your own canoe trail along the River Severn

The Montford Br. & Shrewsbury section is one of the Jewels of the River Severn enjoy the peacefulness and wildlife along this stretch before reaching the County Town of Shrewsbury.

Here you can have a quick resupply or explore of the towns medieval history, & from Shrewsbury its all down hill since it marks the most northern point of the River Severn

As you then head south you pass Roman Vineyards before you enter into Ironbridge Gorge & the Home of the Industrial Revolution with its World famous Ironbridge spanning the Severn

Which you will pass under getting a unique view not seen by the 1000’s of people that visit it each day.

Heading on towards Bridgenorth you have an other jewel of the River Severn with stunning vistas and tranquil pools you will find it hard to keep moving on keep your eye out for the hermit caves in the sand stone cliffs as you approach Bridgenorth

Although you can see examples in the town itself should you stop to explore or resupply

The river from here can pick up pace in places, a few small rapids, enough to make you feel you are having to earn your canoe pilot wings.

However you’re rewarded with some stunning views and interaction from the passing steam trains and river users, by the time you reach Bewdley and its river side cafes bars you feel you know what the river is made of and your confidence will grow.

Which must mean time for a change of pace and character in the river, since as you pass Stourport-on-Severn you enter into the Navigational section of the Severn with its weirs to be avoided and large boat locks to be navigated.

You will feel small as you enter though the huge lock gate before being dropped down in the basin to the level of the river below before gates are opened and continuing on your journey.

Now the river slows, widens and you have traffic getting bigger with each lock you go though as you get closer to your end goal of Gloucester.

Your Severn Challenge Completed

We will meet you with a well earned chilled bottle of bubbly to celebrate your completion of your River Severn Challenge before returning you to your car in Shrewsbury or to a train station.


Each of our trips we send off down the Severn is different,

your experiences and adventures will be shaped by the people you meet and random ad hoc stops you will make.

From random festivals to ceilidhs in pubs, from head winds to heat waves, but these are the things that shape any good adventure.

(although the guys who had to help the Fire & rescue pull a cow from the river before we could get boats out at the end of the trip could never had expected that was how there trip would finish)

Whether you wish to do it in a fast time or wish to lap up every moment we can be flexible.

We have worked out as many various camping options and places you can choose how you wish to do it

From the Bear Grylls wild camping under your up turned canoe to the Duck down bed in a B&B or simply camping along the way the choice is yours.



This very special trip can be done over five, seven or ten days depending on your requirements and time available.

To ensure your ultimate experience we only take 1 group/boat booking per schedule departure day so once a day is booked it’s all yours.
You can book your date now online with a 25% deposit securing your departure date.

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