Doggie Paddles

Doggie Paddles

You know one of the top Questions we get asked is: Can our dog go in our canoes?

The short answer is always yes,

However since most people don’t have there own Doggie buoyancy Aid or toy terriers so here our 5 top tips for your dog,

1 You know your own dog, so if you feel they will be settled in the boat then that’s fine, but like humans some dogs just may not like or think it a natural experience

2 The smaller the dog the less you notice them if they move about however if you have a big dog that likes to move around then you will certainly not thank them for it

3 We do recommend doggie BAs but if you don’t have then we recommend you keep a leash on your dog even if well behaved

4 However DO NOT TIE OFF LEASH instead hold it short to the floor with your foot that way in event of capsize the dog gets released as your foot leaves the boat

5 in the event of dog jumping out, swim dog to side of bank before re loading them, trying to lift dogs into boat is where they can cause you to capsize

Happy doggie paddles