Training for season ahead

Training for season ahead

As owner of Shrewsbury canoe hire and a professional coach I need to keep my first aid training up to date

As professional coach I can find myself in remote locations when things go worng & I seldom have quick and easy acess to emergency services this is why I do specialised outdoor first aid course that focus on long term stabilisation for casualty in remote areas in poor weather

I recently done such a weekend during the cold snap that we had.
it was a full on weekend, it was so cold but that made for easy empathy for the several hypothermic persons we had to deal with over the weekend
along with dealing with a stroke victim, and someone having an anaphylactic attack and an unconscious diabetic,

That was before we stumbled on the guys with broken limbs & spinal injuries,

These where just some of the scenarios we trained on, looking at what equipment we can use that we carry to aid stabilising and evacuation since in my line of work it can meen having to get someone out of hard to reach or find areas before help can be got,

These first aid courses tend to be very outside based and as always it was fun, I mean if your doing a first aid course who want to do it indoors